DIY Escape-the-Room Birthday Party – Part Eight

Welcome back to my series about my daughter’s escape-the-room birthday party!  This is the eighth and final post in a series of posts that have nothing to do with Waltham or real estate, but everything to do with the party!

One of the best things about the whole game was that the kids both worked together and worked on things individually but simultaneously.  At no point was someone sitting on the sidelines.  So while step three was being deciphered, someone else was working on step four!

A bunch of the clues, and you can see the red filter at the top.

Step four was to get them out of the house while we set up the sundae bar.  We have a landline that we rarely use, which my daughter has not memorized the number for.  It’s also a Google number.  Google’s legacy voice system lets you save multiple greetings and swap between them.  So I recorded Ben’s second voicemail (by playing it on speaker on my cell phone while holding it up to the mouthpiece of the landline), telling them to go outside and get in some “target practice” once the machine was started, and that he had left equipment in the garage.  In the last part of my set up process, I turned that message on and set the phone in Do Not Disturb so it wouldn’t ring.

Turns out, my phone number spells something.  Not words I would normally string together, but enough to use as a clue.  The kids needed to decipher it by Googling a couple of pieces of information.  Which they did.  They thought the second message was super cool.  The equipment awaiting them in the garage was this, which I guess is marketed as a drinking game (based on the section of Party City where I found it).  The only part that was not great for preteens/teens was the “kiss a member of the opposite team” one, and I just took a Sharpie and made it “hug”.  I didn’t get to see if the game was a hit, as I was inside busily cleaning up and setting up the Sundae Bar!

Because if you’re making ice cream, you should have toppings for folks to put on it!

So I put toppings in ramekins and sprinkles in test tubes and hot fudge in a gravy boat.  I forget where I saw the gravy boat idea, but it is BRILLIANT.  I put the toppings on a lazy susan and hung a sign up above.  I thought about doing labels for the toppings, but if you can’t tell gummy worms from M&Ms you’ve got bigger issues than can be fixed with a label.  And I was tired and running out of steam.  The kids came in and I served ice cream and mini cupcakes and a good time was had by all.

And they got to go home with loot!

The loot bags had googly eye rings, tiny pads of paper, bubbles, and “chill pills” – a plastic baggie of jelly bellies and chocolate balls with this label on it.  I don’t have a Silhouette machine, so I just printed them on large labels and trimmed them down to a smaller rectangle to fit on the bags.  I also gave the girls test tube glitter bottles with a variety of colors to choose from.  I had thought about putting ‘drug M’ tags on them, but was not sure their parents want them coming home with anything labeled as a drug.

So that, in a nutshell, was my kid’s escape-the-room party.  I’ve already started ruminating on the next one.

If you’d like me to design one of these for your next party, event, what-have-you, let me know.  I’m thinking this could be an excellent side business!