New Stuff in Waltham

There’s a lot of changes coming to Waltham in the near future! Yay! (Okay, okay, not all change is good, but IMHO these ones are.)

My office is on Main Street (in the first block west of Moody) and as I was parking behind it yesterday afternoon, I heard this tremendous bang and briefly thought I’d done something horrifying to my car. Turns out, no, it was just the building across the street being torn down. They’re really going gangbusters preparing the site for the new One Moody development. Here’s an image with the order in which they’re going (from the Facebook page of the demolition company).

In previous years, the Farmer’s Market was held in what is now that construction site. They’re going to be over on School Street instead, kitty-corner from the New York Deli & Pizzeria in the parking lot of the city building there. I think this will be a nice new location, if slightly less visible. I do worry that some of the homeowners nearby won’t think it’s so hot, especially on days when they’ve got live music. We will see.

Rumour, in the form of a tweet from a City Councillor, has it that the former In A Pickle location (on Main Street, across from the common) is going to be the new home of Leo’s Place. Leo’s Place was a small, friendly place in Harvard Square whose lease on the location they’d been in for 32 years wasn’t renewed by the landlord. The details are here. They have a lot more customers than just Ben Affleck… and if they’re going to be a block away from my office, I’m all about checking it out. In the name of research, of course! No mention of the move on their Facebook page yet, but hopefully soon?

And apparently a Cuban place called “Gustazo’s” is going into where the Elephant Walk (and then, briefly, Allstate) was. So hooray for more local dining choices!